Who we are

I am Hernan, but everyone knows me as Nan. You will find me in the workshop with dirty hands repairing all kinds of bikes, advising and solving your doubts as much as I can.

I have competed at an amateur level in various disciplines such as DH, Enduro, Rally, Marathon… but I like all kinds of bikes, routes and adventures on them, alone or accompanied. The bike has given me almost all the friends I have and many of my best memories.

I’m Mariona, the numbers and marketing part of Cyclosphera. In our store/workshop you will see me concentrating on the computer placing orders, entering invoices, answering emails and handling all the parts that are not seen in a business. But you will also find me in the store, attending and receiving your tickets to the workshop.

. I am in constant training to learn everything and give you a good service both in the store and in the workshop helping Nan.

The two of us form an all-terrain tandem. We have known each other for more than 20 years and in our free time we love to travel and see new places even if they are just around the corner. We enjoy surrounded by nature and there is no better way than to do it by bike.